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Bye Bye Brisbane... again...

(On the road again!)

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So! Here we are folks! This won't be a particularly long entry today, just a quick note to update everybody! Tomorrow at 1:15 pm Kay and I are catching a Greyhound out of Brisbane! Wow! I actually can't believe we're going! It really seems like no time at all has passed (although I think that really too much time has gone by, hehehe...). We're going down to Byron Bay for two nights, and after that we're going to Coff's Harbour. We're making our way down to Melbourne over the course of about a week and a half. It's a pretty fast paced trip, but we need to make up some time. We had intended to leave Brisbane by the 3rd of January, but the hostels were still all fully booked due to New Years celebrations and whatnot.

Ideally, we'll be finding work in Melbourne, or one of the towns along the way. I think our experiences in Brisbane have, if nothing else, helped us figure out the proper way to go about finding work down here. Cross your fingers for us! If all goes well, we'll be settling into Melbourne for around the same amount of time as we were here in Brisbane. This would mean coming home a little later than originally planned, but don't worry just yet. If there's no work to be had we'll be coming home early and broke! Ha!

We're going to be very sad to leave Brisbane! We settled in here very nicely... we're comfortable with the city and the hostel, and especially the people! We met some of the most amazing friends during our stay in Brisbane, and we're going to miss every single one of them dearly. If all goes well, we can hook up again somewhere down the line... perhaps there's a reunion to be had in Melbourne! We shall see, folks!

That's all for now, I guess. Just like the first half of our trip, I'll update you guys as often as I can find a computer! I feel like this merits a bit of a sing-song or something! *On the road again...*


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Happy New Years!!!!!!

Welcoming 2008 in style!

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Hey everybody! It's been a little while since I popped in here, sorry about that! We've been super busy! On Christmas Eve we hooked up with a group of some amazing people, and haven't really parted ways with them since! We've been running off our feet doing fun things, and we've had some pretty good laughs in the process! We're a pretty international group, and it's highly amusing. There's Kay and I, the two Canadians, three Irish boys, a German girl, a Dutch girl, some French girls, and occasionally other boys, from Germany and America. It's good fun! Having international friends is so, so cool... we swap heaps of stories about life back home, compare travel notes, and just enjoy each other's company!

It's a very handy system to have! On New Years Eve, there were around twelve of us. Trying to keep everyone together on our trip down to the river to see fireworks was a job indeed! We were frequently pulling roll calls... Someone at the front would stop and count, "Team Canada? Team Ireland? Team France? Team Germany?" and we'd stick up our hands respectively. However, I am getting ahead of myself!

Shortly after Christmas, we gathered our group together to have a party down on the beach. We bought some cheap beer, and planted ourselves down at about 8:30. The boys brought a guitar, and we had a little sing-song pow-wow! We stayed up late into the evening, just enjoying each other's company. Here's a photo of us gathered around each other:


The day after this party, we decided to have a barbeque! There's free cooking areas down at the same beach, so we went grocery shopping, bought a ton of food, and made our way to the beach! Once we got there, we realized we didn't bring any cutlery. Oops! One of the Irish boys dashed across the street and by methods unknown to us came back with enough cutlery for everybody, and then some. Kay, Chris (a German girl) and I started cooking up the burgers and onions and everything, and it was so very, very good. After everybody inhaled their first round of burgers, the boys took their turn to cook!


We took our time eating those burgers... it was delightful. We haven't had good food like that in ages, and everybody was super happy! Here's another photo of me, with a French girl, a German girl, and an Irish boy dancing in the background!


And finally, on more shot I took of the group eating:


The next day was New Years Eve. We had SO MUCH FUN. We hung around our dorm room for ages, having a bit of a party. Another boy had moved in, and he brought a guitar! So out came our boy's guitar and we had a very fun singing party. Eventually we made our way down to the river for a pretty intense fireworks show! It was magical! Everyone started counting down, and as soon as it was midnight the fireworks exploded! Everyone cheered, and hugged and kissed everyone else, and then we settled in to watch the show. It was so great! Cailan took most of the photos that evening, so be sure to keep half an eye on her blog for them to surface!

After the fireworks we eventually made our way to an Irish pub where there was drinking and dancing and a very good time indeed! I've never done that much stuff on New Years before, and I had a great time! I am so happy that we met these people... it's been the coolest experience ever! We've had the best time in Brisbane! However, it's getting very close to the time when we must admit defeat and move on again. There are a few options floating around, and none of which we're 100% sure about yet. I promise I'll keep you posted when I figure this stuff out myself. Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all had just as much fun as I did! I'll come chat again soon!


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Our Fun Christmas

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Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!! I hope you all had a super great day, I know we certainly did! Where should I even start? Christmas Eve was super fun! Everyone was in very high spirits, and people were running around the hostel in a very cheery fashion. We met a big group of people on Christmas Eve. There were several Germans, one girl from our dorm room along with three other German boys. There was also several Irish people, so we had a group of about ten of us all together. We stayed up late into the night, so when midnight rolled around everybody got to say Merry Christmas to everybody else! I don't think anyone in the hostel was sleeping! We got hugs and kisses from everybody we knew, and it was one of my most fun Christmas Eve's to date!

Then, on Christmas, we woke up at around 9:00 in the morning, and the Christmas music had already started. We hung around in our room for a while, showered and whatnot, and then at 10:00 they served us a free pancake and champagne breakfast! It was absolutely divine. The champagne helped us to get over our Christmas Eve Hangovers!! Hair of the dog and all that... We immediately met up with our friends again, and ate our breakfast together.

Anyways! After eating, we went back to our room, to open the awesome parcels our familys sent ^-^! We were thrilled! All our friends were very impressed with our Canadian chocolate. Mine is already gone! Here are a few pictures:




(Please note the awesome Calgary Flames Santa hat! Thanks Kay's mommy!!!!!!)

After opening our gifts we headed back outside to sit with our friends again. Here's a few photos of us with people:



At 1:00 in the afternoon, they served up this enormous, free Christmas buffet. It was great... we hadn't left the tables since breakfast, so we didn't have too far to go! We ate turkey, and tons of vegetables, potatoes, gravy, and everything else you can imagine! It was really the best meal I've had in a long, long time. Everybody ate so much, and we were all very happy! The food we make for ourselves is yummy, but it is nothing compared to a home cooked meal like this one! I was full for the rest of the day!

After lounging around for a while, being full and happy, we went out for a walk with some friends. We wandered down to the parks, and then into the beach area! I've got a photo of Christmas on the Beach! I couldn't help myself, sorry!!!


We stayed out for a while, and then headed back to the hostel. We hung out with our friends for the rest of the day and well into the evening. Everyone was in such a good mood! For most of us, it was our first Christmas away from home, so we banded together and made it a fantastic day anyways! Here's one more photo, from later in the evening, after we had met up with even more friends:


And that pretty much sums up our Christmas! It was a fantastic couple of days, and I really hope every single one of you had just as much fun as we did! This has been the experience of a lifetime for us! We were a little apprehensive at first about what Christmas away from home would be like, and it definately surpassed our expectations! I think that's just about everything I have to report... Oh! I got my package from Ohio!!! Thank you so much!! It was a very pleasant surprise ^-^!!

I love you all, Merry Christmas! I'll report back soon with our plans for the future. The only hint you get is that we're not staying in Brisbane much longer. Perhaps there is work to be had in Melbourne...


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It's Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas everybody ^-^!!

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Yay! It's almost Christmas time! Can you believe it? It seems that the holidays have snuck up so quickly! I can't even fathom where all the time has gone! Wow... more than two months away from home, and now it's Christmas too! This is a great adventure, and I think we're going to have a very interesting Christmas. It is a little hard, being our first one away from home, but given the lack of snow... the fact that it's Christmas still hasn't really sunk in!!! Last night, we went out for a walk to the south bank of Brisbane river. We had intended to go see what kind of decorations they had up in the city. We were quite pleasantly surprised with a Christmas Fireworks Spectacular!


They shot off a ton of fireworks from a boat in the middle of the river, in time with a bunch of Christmas carols and other songs. It was really well done! Afterwards, we wandered around a bit, and found Santa! He was sitting in a sleigh being pulled by kangaroos. Six White Boomers!! It took a lot of effort not to go sit on his lap. Instead I took a picture:


When we'd finished there, we crossed the bridge into the city. All the ferrys and ships on the river had Christmas lights on! I took a picture of them all lit up. And it was a pretty great view of the city lights too... I haven't seen Brisbane at night before!


That's mostly all that's going on! Tomorrow we get pancakes and champagne for breakfast, and a truly spectacular feast for lunch! I'll be taking loads of photos of the fun stuff that's going on, and I'll probably be posting another blog entry very soon after Christmas. In case I don't talk to any of you before then though, Merry Christmas!!! Love you all!! Here are a few parting photos...




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Hooray for Backpacking!

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Howdy folks! I think the Christmas Countdown is officially on!!! Everywhere is decorated and jolly. I'm enjoying the Christmas music, but then... I just enjoy music! I have to forcibly stop myself from singing along to the music everywhere I go. And it's not just the Christmas carols! Australia has somewhat of a different taste in music than what we hear in Calgary. I must say that I rather enjoy it. They are very into bands over here that don't get quite as much hype at home. I'm really enjoying the change up in music, and I've got a running list for songs I need on my iPod when I'm home again!!!

The other day we were walking in the city and there was this big brass band playing carols in the street. I think I turned purple with a deep, repressed longing... I wanted to hop up on stage and play with them!! I never realized until then how much I actually miss playing my trombone, but I've got this newly kindled need to join a band. Or an orchestra, or a brass choir or something! I've had several of my friends over here tell me that I should just get a music degree when I go back to university. I'm definately starting to think I need some form of musical outlet, otherwise I may explode.

But enough of that! I got myself on a band-nerd ramble there. However... speaking of band-nerd... I'm learning that, "This one time, at band camp..." is quite the global quote. I have heard it from absolutely everybody that allows me to talk about music. Everyone. But right, enough band talk.

Less than a week till Christmas!! At least over here... I believe back home it's exactly a week, and counting!!! Is everyone ready? Turkey's purchased? Stockings assembled? I don't know about you, but on Christmas I'll be having a barbeque in my shorts!!! We'll be at the pool, and lounging around the hostel with all the other people in shorts! You should all... go skating or build a snowman or something. Ha!! Just for reference, this is what it looks like in Brisbane right now:


I've heard it's going to be pretty warm on Christmas! And yes. That's all I've got for now. As a parting gift, here is a photo of Cailan. Enjoy:



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