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rain 20 °C

So! It's me again! I'm terribly sorry, but I have nothing new to report... I figured it's been long enough since my last post though, that I should at least pop in and say hello! So, hello!! How goes everything on that side of the world? Over here it is... hot. And the past few days it's been raining, a LOT. As in... torrential downpour rain. I've never seen anything like it. People were running around in a tizzy because windows were open and everything was getting absolutely drenched. However, down in Sydney they got hail the size of tennis balls, so I guess simple rain is okay!!

What else has happened... Oh yes. The other night there was a fire alarm at around 11pm. I think some genius at the bar pulled the alarm or something, but we all had to trump outside in our pajamas and stand there looking dazed on the street. The firemen arrived, and all that exciting stuff. I was just happy when we got to go back to bed, because standing around in your pajamas is not flattering, when almost all of the other residents were dressed up for parties!!

Right! Last post I promised a picture of the Christmas tree in the city, so here we go... This is them setting it up:


And here it is all finished and pretty (notice the rain clouds....):


I guess that's all I have right now. On a different note, I bought new shoes to wear to any interviews (ahem..... totally a hint to the cosmos. Interview time!!!! Come on!) I'm wearing them in this loverly picture of me standing outside our dorm room. Great yellow wall!!


I have just realized how sunburnt I look in that photo. i'm not, really, at all! I think it's just a trick because of how very very yellow the wall is...

And that's all folks! Have a good week or so, I'll be back shortly ^-^!!


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Merry Christmas!

sunny 25 °C

Hey everyone! It's finally starting to feel like Christmas down here!! It took me a little while longer to get used to, but now it's officially feeling like the holidays! I think Christmas music helps... they've started playing a few Christmas songs along with the usual music lineup down at the hostel. Plus there's a tree in reception, that's got all these cardboard-wrapped care packages underneath it! It actually made me laugh the first time I saw it, it's so cute! We're getting a lot closer to the people staying in our dorm with us, and I think we may be doing a Secret Santa, come Christmas. Not to mention Kay and I plan to buy each other something, too!

In the middle of town, there's a massive Christmas tree set up. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I meant to get a photo of it but I forgot until just now. Next post, I promise! It's got all these gold and silver decorations, and a huge star on top that flashes different colours at night time. Absolutely fantastic! Christmas music is playing in all the shops, and I have a very hard time not singing along to some of them. I especially struggle with "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"... I must admit that it seems like a very comical song to play down here! Much to my chagrin, I have not yet heard "Six White Boomers"... I've really been looking forward to that one!!

Life is absolutely dandy right now. We're having a blast! Hostel life is so much different than anything I've ever experienced before. There is this constant flux of new people coming and going. You're meeting people daily... and they come from all over the world! This is far more of a multi-cultural experience than I initially thought it was going to be. It is so amazing, the sheer number of people I have met, and the cool thing is how close in age we all are. It's like a constant, massive university party minus the studying!

I have met far too many people to even start describing it to you. The worst part is the names. I have introduced myself to *so many* people I can't possibly keep it all straight. At first it was alright, because you met people and then almost immediately moved on somewhere else, to meet more people. Now, however, we are approaching two months over here (two months?? for real?? cripes.....) and we are running into people again. It is the worst feeling, standing and chatting to someone you vaguely recognise but cannot place to save your life. Usually, they have forgotton your name too, but it's very, very bad when someone is like, "Hey! You're the Canadians we met up at Airlie Beach, aren't you??" and we're like...... "I don't think I have ever, ever seen you in my life, but okay!!"

On the flip side, at the hostel there is a good chunk of long-term residents too. So while we've got the constant movement of new faces through, we're also settling into something a lot more tight knit. It's very, very cool. The staff all live at the hostel (as far as I can gather) and they're starting to get familiar with us. There's three others in our dorm room who are staying on as long as us. There's actually quite a few in other rooms who are staying, and we're geting to know each other fairly well.

Overall, this is potentially the coolest thing I've done in my life. I have completely immersed myself in this massive, cultural thing, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into! But it's been worth every penny, and I'm going to enjoy every second of it! Sorry there weren't any photos for you today, I'll get on top of that for next time! Also, feel free to determine through my lack of mentioning that I haven't had a job call yet. Poo. Talk again soon!!!


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Update... ha ha...

overcast 20 °C

It is I, once again, checking in with no real news to give! Nothing interesting happened over the weekend, which I suppose is normal enough. We're heading out again today to harass more people with our resumes. We're still slightly tentative to talk to recruitment agencies. I know I said we were going to sign up with them, but we looked into several and they seem like a last resort to us. They can hook us up with marginal jobs if necessary, for a cut of our pay. Bleh. We'd rather be able to secure jobs ourselves, minus the middleman.

I think we may broaden our search beyond retail at this point. Perhpas... food joints or something. We shall see how it goes! We're not truly at a point of panic yet, because once we get jobs, the pay is a lot better than back home! Most people are pulling in upwards of $20 an hour, so as long as we keep a job for about a month, we will be solid, funding wise.

When I started writing this entry, I intended not to even mention jobs. They are depressing. Aparently I'm not very good at listening to myself! Now that I think about it though... that's all I've got going on! We haven't really done much worth taking pictures of, but here's a couple nice ones of just us, out and around the city:



And there. I really hope I can start being more interesting again soon. Happy December, then! I can't believe it's December. We left home in October! It seems rather unreal. I shall be on again soon, I intend to give you an idea of how Christmas happens down here, because from what I've gathered, it's a lot different. Peace!


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semi-overcast 20 °C

Ah yes... here we are again. Still jobless, and still wondering what the Aussie employers have against me... But never fear! We've resigned ourselves to signing up with a recruitment agency or seven... and then hopefully something will show up. Till then we're still just plugging away at day to day life.

The other night we got adventurous and made quesadillas for dinner. We put in beef and caramalized onions and cheese and barbeque sauce and grilled them in garlic butter... yummy!It was pretty fun, although almost nobody had ever heard of a quesadilla before! We had to explain to everyone what they were... it was really funny!

We've settled in to our rooms quite nicely. My bed squeaks, and probably irritates the whole room, but oh well!! Here's a lovely shot of me among my cultivated mess:


The other day we went around the city, for something to do. All the decorations are going up, plus there's Christmas carols, etc, etc... It's hard to wrap our heads around! I cannot remember a Christmas that wasn't cold (actually, I live in Calgary... that's a lie... but at least it was cold *around* Christmas)... but for your amusement I have taken a photo of a Christmas wreath avec surrounding palm trees. Hah!


And that's that, folks! As I mentioned... we're signing with agencies today, so if I don't have work by the time I pop in here again... I may have slumped into a depression. Cheers!!!!


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Alright Already...

sunny 20 °C

Ah yes... The resumes are all handed out, to essentially every single retail shop I could find, and now we wait. And wait and wait and wait... What a drag! I was really hoping the job thing would go down easily, and if I don't get at least one phone call by the middle of this week I'll actually start worrying. Quite honestly, I don't have a whole lot to report at the moment. We're stationary at the moment, and until I get a job call, there is nothing to say!

I'm thinking of all of you, and just figured I'd check in and say all is well... we're alive and doing fine! The weather is gorgeous, Christmas decorations are everywhere (which is rather odd, considering how used to snow I am), and we're settling into our hostel nicely. Six of the eight people in our dorm room are staying long term like us, so we're starting to get pretty close. It's an interesting lifestyle! I will admit to being very tired of living out of a backpack... and I miss my private bedroom, and real mattress!!!

But enough complaints! We're having the time of our lives, and it's hard to imagine how fast it's gone already! Our last two months are going to fly by too... Travelling seems to make time fly like nothing else I've ever done. It's a very interesting experience and I'm learning a lot. I've met so many people that I never would have met back home, people from all over the globe! It's fascinating, swapping stories. On that note though, we met two boys from Calgary the other night! I couldn't believe it. We had a very thourough and energized discussion about hockey, much to everyone else's amusement. It was lovely... Nobody on this side of the globe knows anything about hockey, and I was starting to slump into deprival... Talking with a pair of Calgarians was just what we needed!

I'm afraid I don't have any interesting photos to put up. I'll take some scenery shots later this week to show you, but we haven't been up to much that's photo wothy! I'll check in again soon, *hopefully* with the news that I've secured a job! See you!!


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