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The Job Hunt Continues!

With the occasional night at the backpackers bar...

semi-overcast 20 °C

Hello again! I'm back with more updates and photos! First of all, I'll give you a run down on our plan. We've talked to the hostel, and we're guarunteed a room over Christmas/New Years if we pay soon. We're doing that without a shadow of a doubt... we've been hearing horror stories of the difficulties in getting a room during the holidays. Since we're staying in Brisbane over the holidays, we've decided to just spend an entire two months here, instead of the one we initially planned on. This means, when we get to Melbourne, we won't need to look for work there too. All in all, we think it's rather logical.

Now... we've been out almost every day, talking to people about work. I'm fairly certain we've got jobs soon... we went to an interview downtown yesterday, which was a mild disaster. We had met some people at the mall, and we were just kind of chatting and they told us they could call up their boss and get us an interview.

Cool enough... We went through everything, but it was a really crappy, comission based sales job. You know the kind... where people stand on the street and badger you to come over and "talk for a while"? Plus, they wouldn't even tell us directly what we were expected to sell. The most we got out of them was, "oh... it's just sales." The final straw was we would have to buy essentially a brand new wardrobe of professional looking clothes, which unfortunately doesn't fit into the backpacker budget.

So instead we wandered around the city! Here's a few pictures of Brizzie:



Then, to console ourselves, we went to the bar with friends. Always a fun plan! It was Trivia Night, so that was really fun. We did rather well, because we had two Canadians, two Irish guys, and a Brit in our group. Pretty much covered the geography trivia ^0^! After everyone was thouroughly happy, the boys decided to build a tower out of empty jugs. They collected several from our table, and once people figured out what was going on, the whole bar started donating jugs to the cause:




I must say, they we very pleased with themselves once they had finished. I think it was like... 30 jugs high, from floor to ceiling, and it did stand by itself. A few more jugs were consumed, in celebration, and then it fell over. Ah well... there are always fun times to be had at the Backpackers Bar!

That's all for now! I'll make sure to keep you posted on the progress of my job hunting...OH! And Happy Birthday Mummy!!! Love you! I'll phone you on your birthday for sure...



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Brisbane, Take Two!

It's time to settle in...

semi-overcast 20 °C

Hello again! Yesterday was a fun filled and adventurous experience in travelling, and by this I mean boring and monotonous and full of waiting. We checked out of our hostel in Cairns, and had to wait around until about noon, when we caught a cab to the airport.

From there it was a relatively smooth process checking in, domestic flights are hella easier than international. Then... our flight was delayed, *sigh*. We hung around until it was time to take off, and then boarded the plane. Where we sat. Once in Brisbane, we caught a shuttle bus (after waiting for it) and were finally dropped off at our hostel. Yay!!

The point of that lovely story, is that we're in Brisbane again. Cool. We're right in the middle of a TON of little bistros and shops and etc etc... I can't see us having any trouble finding work!

I mentioned in my last post that we were planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We did it, and it was an awesome time! At first, we were mildly unimpressed because there was somewhat of a torrential downpour. Icky weather.


After we cleared that, everything started looking up. The weather was great, and we spent the rest of the 2.5 hour sailing trip on the suny, windy deck.



We arrived at this fantastic sandy beach in the middle of the reef, and went snorkelling. It was SO cool. The fish and coral and everything were super colourful and it was great. We even managed to get a priate snorkel tour from one of the crew! It was a super great day, and I'm so happy we did it!


And that's that! Today I expect to be searching for a phone and a bank... maybe a job if we're up to it ^0^! I shall keep you posted on my progress here, and will likely be posting again soon. Bye!



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Wrapping it up...

sunny 25 °C

Well! I'm checking in from Cairns, which is the last city we visit on this leg of our trip. I can't believe it! In a couple of days I will have been away for an entire month. It sure doesn't feel like it! Perhaps it's because we've been constantly on the move, but this could have been a couple of weeks, in our eyes. I've been having a blast... so I'm very interested to see how the rest of the trip pans out!

On the 15th of November we fly out of here back to Brisbane, where we started from. I imagine that landing there for a second time is going to be marginally less terrifying than when we first did it! First order of business then will be job hunting! And finding a cell phone... and a bank account... *sigh*... There's always stuff to do!

Today we're hoping to book a snorkelling trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. If there's one thing I've got to do while I'm here, it the reef. Ideally we'll get to do that tomorrow... how cool! Unfortunately, I can't seem to get photos uploaded on this computer, I'm sorry! You'll have to wait again... but I promise a bunch more as soon as I can.

Not much more to update... I probably won't check in again until Brisbane. See you later!!


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Mission Beach

I've uploaded photos again!

sunny 30 °C

Hey guys! I'm finally at a real computer again, so I uploaded a bunch of pictures. They're all from Magnetic Island, so that probably would have made a better title, but oh well. Right now we are in Mission Beach, which is a lovely little place. Our hostel is right on the beach, but they don't reccomend going in the water because of the jellyfish. Nuts ^0^... poolside hammoks again, I guess!

Right... So here's a couple shots of the lorikeets I mentioned earlier:



Next is the view from the beach we were right beside:


And me in a hammok! :


Now these ones are all from the wildlife tour we took, where we visited with LOADS of fun animals:




And there you go! I told you I'd come through with a bunch of photos ^-^. Not much else to report really... we're here on Mission Beach for four nights and then we head north one more time to Cairns. That's probably where I'll check in from again... later!!


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Visiting the Koalas!

Our cool trip to the Sanctuary

semi-overcast 25 °C

Hello again! Today's our last night on Magnetic Island, so I super-duper promise to have a bunch of photos posted either tomorrow or the very next day. I'm sorry for the boring-ness of late. Anyway, tomorrow we catch a 9:45 am ferry off the island, and then a Greyhound up to Mission Beach. I've heard that it's nice up there, so I'll keep you posted ^-^.

Today was a lovely break from the overwhelming heat. It was slightly cloudy, and only 25C! Yay! We hit up the pool for a couple of hours, and then got changed again, because we were going on a nature-tour and bush walk. It's really cool, there's a wildlife sanctuary right attached to the hostel, and since we are guests here we got a discounted ticket, hooray!

It was a really cute little park, and we got to touch all the animals. I held a baby crocodile, a skink, a cockatoo, a huge python, and of course, a koala! There were massive fruit bats, too, and I hung out with the flock of lorikeets again. Realy super fun. We had to pay in order to be able to hold a koala, which happens everywhere in Australia. It's something about conservation and whatnot. We paid, and it included a really nice photo (I'll be mailing that out tomorrow, along with my disc of digital photos... I know I promised them sooner but I couldn't find a post office on the island!) So anyone who lives close enough to my mommy and daddy should stalk the house, if you want to see my first full memory stick of pictures... I'm pretty sure dad'll be willing to show them off for me, right??

Ah yes... what else... Yesterday was Monday Movie Night, so a bunch of people headed down to the bar where they set up a big screen and we watched a movie outside, under the stars and crickets. After we just kind of hung around outside because we didn't want to go to the dorm yet, and I was almost brutally assaulted by a falling mango. Those buggers are vicious...

And that's all folks! I'll do my best to get on a computer tomorrow, and my post will be essentially all photos. Talk to you soon!


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