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Bye bye, Brisbane!

Off we go again

Hello again, and happy weekend! We're a few days into our trip now, and I think we're settling into the routine we have. This morning we checked out of our hostel at about 10, and started wandering around. It's much rougher when you've got all your possesions strapped to your back! We came down here to the internet place again, and there's this really adorable street festival going on. All sorts of booths selling things, and music... we wish we had a little more time to see all of it! In about 2 hours we're going to grab a taxi to the transit center to check in for our Greyhound bus. This afternoon we're taking a 2 hour drive up to the little beach town of Maroochydore. Sunshine here we come ^-^!

Yesterday we went on an exploration mission around town. We walked around and saw lots of cool things. Like purple trees. There are purple trees everywhere! They are really pretty, here:


We were the textbook image of tourist, cracking out our cameras... then this guy wandered out of his house and kind of looked at us, so I very smoothly said, "we don't have purple trees in Canada!"... So he laughed and said that yes, they were very cool, but I think they must be somewhat common because he walked away laughing.

Later that evening, Kay decided that her hair was really annoying her, so the brave soul let me take scissors to her hair. I pretended to know what I was doing... and now she has bangs!!!! Hehe... it was definately not the original intent, but I think we evened them out alright ^0^!


And there you have it! I've got a lot more photos where those came from, but I can't possibly upload everything. You'll get to see them all when I get back home! Now... I have no idea what the internet situation is going to be in Maroochydore, so you may or may not hear from me over the next few days, but I'll be thinking of you!


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We're here!

semi-overcast 15 °C

Hey there to everyone in North America!! Kay and I have arrived in Brisbane safe and sound. Right now it's 9:30 in the morning on Thursday, which means it's 5:30 Wednesday evening for my Calgary folk. The weather is very nice, and I'm happy about that. It's about 15C, and there's a light breeze. It's not as hot as it was yesterday when we landed, but I expect it will heat up as the day goes on.

So... here's a run down on my fun adventures getting here:

we left Calgary without too much trouble and landed in Los Angeles. We were held up there for about 2 hours longer than we were expecting, which was annoying but at least we didn't have another flight waiting after that. When the plane was finally ready to be boarded it was about 2 am LA time, and we were all tired. We got through the boarding desk and instead of one of those tunnel things we got on a bus. I chatted a little with the lovely young Aussie man beside me, and the we got on the plane. Then we sat for a looooong time.

When we landed we got our bags (yay!), changed into non-yucky clothes, and bought a train ticket. It was odd... I cannot describe how terrifying the transit map was. VERY complicated. We got on a train and managed to get off a stop too early because we thought we were going the wrong way. Finally we got to the right stop, and made a phone call to our first hostel. They came and picked us up, though we got to stand there looking lost and touristy for about 20 minutes.

We settled in to our room, and then went exploring a little, but mostly with the intent of buying food because we hadn't eaten in a long time. We are abouut a 5 minute walk away from a grocery store, a mall, and this fun little internet cafe that I'm at now. For dinner we ate peanut butter sandwiches and frozen corn. And then we tried reeeeally hard to stay awake so our sleep schedules could be KIND of normal but alas I crashed at about 5:30pm. I slept until 6:30 this morning, and I couldn't sleep again, so we got up and turned on the TV.

We watched the news, which was kind of amusing. I think the best part was the weather. Apart from the forecast being lovely, when the man got around to talking about new zealand it went like this: "And folks, it's COLD in new zealand today, on 15C in auckland..." we giggled at the utmost sincerity with which he said that, because in calgary that is like shorts weather.

So! I think that's all I've got for now... we're leaving Brisbane on the 20th, but i hope to pop in here once more before I go to post photos. I didn't bring my cord to plug in my camera today ^0^!

Oh, and since some of you were asking, the link to kay's blog is: http://cailan.proboards100.com



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Ohhh dear...

semi-overcast 10 °C

And they're off! Can you believe that we're leaving? It seems surreal. Going half way around the world is pretty cool, though the only other time I've done that, I was in a very large group so finding stuff was not a huge effort. This is a lot different... and we shall see how well I fare. We all know the sadness that is my sense of direction. Ah well...

I promise to update entries as often as I can find an internet connection. From what I hear it's very easy to find internet cafes, and a lot of hostels even have internet connections so I think I should be updating several times a week. All I have to do before that is prepare myself for a verrry long plane trip. Thirteen and a half hours is sort of ouchie. Wish me luck!!


And the picture is really just because I wanted to figure out how to post photos because it would suck if I got there and couldn't show you anything. I'm out!!


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It's almost time...

We're off in half a month!

snow 0 °C

Well! Here we go! My travel blog is officially up and running! To be honest I'm just playing around with this entry to see what happens when I enter in details. I obviously don't have much to report at this point... tickets are bought, bus passes are bought, backpack is bought... I'm almost set to go! We've just got to wait out 16 more days and this trip is finally going to happen.

It's hard to believe... I don't think it's even sunk in for me yet. This whole trip stills seems like just a random thing I've been talking to people about. Then I look at my tickets and I'm like... oh wow...

Anyways, I won't ramble too much here, there will be far more interesting things to talk about when we actually land in Brisbane. I will do my very best to keep this blog going... uploading photos and all that. Feel free to stalk me to your heart's content!


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