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Hello!!!! It's me again! I've got another bit of an update for you! Right now we're in Melbourne. We arrived a few days ago, and we're staying here until January 31. On the 31st, we're flying out to Aukland, New Zealand! Cool! We like Melbourne, it's a very intereting city. It's got things we've never seen before, like Trams. The C-Train system is pretty much all trams! They drive on the street like the cars! It's practically blowing our minds, hahaha.

I know I've probably been dropping hints about the impeding doom of my bank account, and therefore I have news that may interest you! Cailan and I have had a very good chat about our options, and we've decided to come home earlier than we had initially planned to. Our plane arrives in Calgary on February 13. We're actually very, very happy to be coming home. As interesting as another whole month in New Zealand would have been, it's not a very logical descision. We're still going to spend long enough there to see most of the things we want to, and then we'll be heading back to Home Sweet Home!

Please don't think that we're cutting ourselves short or anything. We want very much to be home in February instead of March. Backpacking is an adventure and a half, and we've loved every second of it, but it's time. We are ready to get back to the normality of life in Calgary. It will be very pleasant to not have to pay people for absolutely everything. Did you know an average load of laundry knocks us back $6-$8? And having a private bedroom is going to be heaven. Right now we're in a dorm shared by 12 people. It can get kind of crazy sometimes!!!

And yes! That's all the news I have for now. I've just mailed another disc of photos home, so I don't have any new ones to post on here at the moment. If you haven't already, remember that Cailan has a blog too, and she posts loads of her own photos as well. Check it out!! http://cailan.proboards100.com

Talk to you soon!


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Of Sydney and Canberra...

Rather the opposite sides of the spectrum.

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Howdy!! It is I, again, but I bet you're not bored of me yet! Ahahaha... anyways. We are in Canberra! We arrived yesterday from Sydney, and it actually only took about three hours to drive here. It looked a lot farther on the map! The good news is I have a USB port, and therefore you get photos! Huzzah! The bad news is the meanies are charging me $8 an hour to use the internet. Poo. They only do it because they know we have no other internet cafe to go to... Ah well. Where shall I start?

Scooting back a couple of days, to Sydney! Aside from the couple scorching hot hours when we were labouring with heavy backpacks, trying to find our way to the hostel, it rained. And rained and rained and rained. Our second day in the city, it was kind of spitting rain, not too heavy, but enough that we really didn't want to risk going into the city to see the sights. So we went to the Sydney Aquarium instead! Very cool... here's a little fishy fishy:


It was still raining when we left the aquarium, so we went to a cafe for dinner, and then right back to our hostel to chill out before bed! The next morning we woke up, and much to our chagrin, it was raining harder. Since it was our last day in Sydney, we couldn't just sit out on the touristy stuff! So once again we braved the transit system, and found our way down to the harbor. Here is Cailan, right before we set out on our wet adventure:


Here's a shot from the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, before we had been out in the rain for too long...



And here we are, after about a ten or fifteen minute walk, on the steps of the Opera House, cheerfully accepting the fact that we will never be dry again in our lives:


And yes! That was our adventure in Sydney! The next day we found our way back to the Greyhound Station (in the rain) and hopped a bus out here to Canberra. This is the capital city of Australia, though I don't think most people know that. It's very pretty here, lots of trees! Unfortunately, that's about it's only saving grace, hahaha! We can elect to go to the War Memorials, or, if we feel like a real adventure, the Bicycle Museum. Wow... it's not that there's not a lot to do I suppose, it's just that... yeah, there's not a lot to do. We probably should have picked up on this hint when we were the only backpackers on the Greyhound out here. That never, ever happens. The bus is always at least half full with other backpackers.

Ah well, it's a learning experience! One of many! We're going to head out in the next couple of days, probably to Melbourne, but perhaps we'll pick one more spot to stop along the way. The fun part about backpacking is how free you are to decide stuff! One or two days in advance is plenty! I suppose that's all I have to say for now, I'll update you again soon!!!!


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overcast 25 °C

Hello everybody!!!! It's me again, checking in from Sydney! This is possibly one the most interesting and overwhelming cities I've ever seen. I'm enjoying it! We left Port Maquarie at a painful 5 am to catch the bus out here. As the bus rides go, this one was pretty uneventful. It was 7 hours long, but since we were essentially comatose for most of it, it didn't seem nearly so bad! Pulling into Sydney was pretty much amazing, and it was the total cliche... pulls up over a hilltop and the city comes into view, complete with the Opera House sitting on the sparkling harbor looking out over the bridge. Yeah... pretty sweet!

When we arrived into the Sydney transit centre, we unloaded our stuff and stood there looking dazed for a little while. We gave the hostel a ring, and they cheerfully informed us that even though they had advertised free pick-ups, it was just easier for everybody if we hopped the train from platform 24 to King's Cross Station and walked the rest of the way. Um... great. We did manage to find the right terminal, purchase appropriate tickets, and get lodged in the turnstiles because of our backpacks. And let me tell you... wandering around Sydney in 30 degree heat with 12 kilos on your back is hot and sweaty work! But we were victorious, and here we are!!!

This internet cafe is the best yet... mostly because they are only charging us $1 per hour. That rocks so much! Unfortunately, there's no USB port, so photos of our Sydney adventures will have to wait. Tomorrow we head out to Canberra. Maybe I'll be able to post photos then. We shall see!

Anyways... that's about all I have for now! I know some of you have asked for my next possible mailing address, but honestly I'm not even sure what that will be. Right now we're staying a max of three days at random places, of which we tend to decide two or three days before we get there. If we settle longer somewhere I'll let you know! I'll talk again soon, I'm sure! I've got more good pictures to show you!


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Some Photos for You!


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Howdy folks! I'm back again! I've not got too much more to say today... we're in Port Macquarie at the moment, and tomorrow we head out for Sydney! After that I believe we're going to Australia's capital, Canberra. I will keep you posted. Mostly today I just popped in to show you some photos! Yay! First off, this is a shot from Byron Bay. The lighthouse way in the distance marks the most Easternly point in all of Australia. We were standing on the edge of the map!!!


And this is an entirely innocent shot of the beach and sand and water.....


And then, just because I was having fun with my camera, a photo of me:


You will probably notice all the rain clouds. It has been raining a LOT. I can't believe how much rain there is! We have definately seen more rain these last few weeks than sun, but oh well! Guess who managed a sunburn anyways??? (I'll give you a hint... she's got red hair and no tan to speak of...)

This next photo is us walking along the beach at Coff's Harbor:


Also from Coff's Harbor:


And yeah! That's about it. I'll keep you all posted as we keep on making our way towards Melbourne! I think I will leave you with a photo I took of the best sign in the world. It was posted on the toaster in the kitchen of our current hostel. I am not joking.


Later folks!!!


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Checking In!

sunny 30 °C

Hello everybody! This is going to be really short and sweet today. Right now I'm in a little city called Coff's Harbor. We've just come down from Byron Bay, which was a lovely little place! Coff's Harbor is great fun, we're right on the beach! The hostel is not exactly the best one we've seen yet, but you can't win them all!

I do have photos, but they'll have to wait... I don't have very long on this computer. I'm honestly impressed we found internet at all! It took us half an hour to get to, but here we are!

In two days we're back on a bus, going to our next stop in Port Macquarie. After two nights there we're off to Sydney! That's one that everybody knows, I think! I promise that my next update will be in Sydney at the latest! I'll post pictures and everything... I just wanted to give you a bit of a status update! Ciao!


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